Thornton and Proviso homeowners: Confirm your home's COVID Adjustment

Friday, September 18, 2020

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Homeowners in Thornton and Proviso Townships recently received reassessment notices of their property’s 2020 Assessed Value. Due to a processing error, some of these parcels did not receive the COVID Adjustment that the Cook County Assessor’s Office is applying to every home’s value for the 2020 South and West suburban reassessments.

The Assessor’s Office will correct this processing error automatically after appeals have closed for these townships. Affected taxpayers do not need to take any action. You do not need to file an appeal to receive a COVID Adjustment to your home’s Assessed Value.

  • In Thornton, we identified 23,332 properties that will receive assessment reductions ranging from 8.7% to 14.4%.
  • In Proviso, we identified 23,828 properties that will receive assessment reductions ranging from 8.4% to 15.2%


To know whether a specific PIN was affected, use the button below:

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Every affected PIN’s Fair Market Value and Assessed Value will be updated on the CCAO’s website, and these property owners will receive a letter confirming their property’s final COVID-Adjusted Assessed Value. These updates will occur in the coming months.

Many homeowners were not affected by the processing error, such that the appropriate COVID Adjustment was successfully applied to the estimate of their property’s 2020 value mailed on the notice of reassessment.

All property owners in Thornton and Proviso are still entitled to file an appeal of their assessed valuation if they feel their property is over-assessed, even taking into account the COVID Adjustment. The filing deadline for CCAO appeals for Thornton is September 25, 2020, and for Proviso is October 5, 2020. Assistance is available from the Assessor’s Office by phone at (312) 443-7550, online, and in person by appointment.

Property owners are invited to join virtual events with Assessor’s Office staff and Assessor Fritz Kaegi for information about property assessments, assessment appeals, and property taxes. See events here.