FOIA (Freedom Of Information)

CCAO Freedom of Information Department

FOIA Officers

  • Mark Kos
  • Michael Beaver

The Freedom of Information Officer (FOIA Officer) receives requests submitted to the CCAO under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and ensures that the CCAO responds in accordance with FOIA. The FOIA Officer also develops lists of documents or categories of records maintained by the Operating Department(s).

Preferred Method to Request Records (free of charge)

Members of the public are encouraged to file FOIA requests via the GovQA platform linked here.

File a FOIA Request Online

Alternative Method to Request Records (fees may apply)

Please note that our offices are currently closed to the public. You can file a FOIA Request online, and if you have other questions, here's how to access services and assistance remotely. 

  • Via Mail or in Person: Requests for inspection or copies of public records must be made in writing and directed to the:
    • CCAO Freedom of Information Officer
    • 118 North Clark Street
    • Chicago, Illinois 60602
  • Via Fax: (312) 603-3616

Fees and Costs

FOIA grants a public body the authority to charge fees pursuant to the provisions of the FOIA “except when a fee is otherwise fixed by statute…” 5 ILCS 140/6(b).

The Property Tax Code Section 14-30 allows the CCAO to charge a “…fee of 35 cents per page of legal size or smaller and $ 1 for each larger page…”

The Property Tax Code Section 9-20 allows a charging of a “…reasonable fee established by the custodian…” for property record cards.

Important FOIA Links

Important Documents Available to Download

The CCAO's total number of full and part-time employees is approximately 242.