Affordable Housing Programs

The Assessor’s Office manages programs authorized in State law to address the special valuation of affordable housing. Eligible properties may apply for both the Affordable Housing Special Assessment Program and the LIHTC valuation program.

Affordable Housing Programs

Affordable Housing Special Assessment Program

The Affordable Housing Special Assessment Program incentivizes the rehabilitation and new construction of multi-family residential properties to create and maintain affordable housing. This program establishes assessment reductions for multifamily rental developments subjected to certain rent, tenant income, and related restrictions. 

If you are the owner of an affordable housing project and seek assessment under this special assessment program, you must complete the form applications.  

*Applications will be available soon. 

LIHTC Valuation Program 

Low-income housing projects that qualify for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) under Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code are now eligible for assessments that reflect their actual or projected net operating income. If you are the owner of a low-income housing project and seek to be assessed under this new assessment program, you must complete the form application, below, that corresponds to the size of your property.

The form will ask for your Illinois Housing Development Authority or City Housing Department identification number(s) and tax forms in addition to your contact information. An email address is required to track the status of your application.

Submit one form per street address.

Assessor's Office staff will review application materials and verify eligibility. Staff will also notify applicants by email about the status of their application(s). 

2 to 6 unit buildings
7+ unit buildings

Class-9 Properties

Find information on the Class-9 incentive program by visiting the Incentives and Special Properties page.