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The Assessor's Office released an enhanced tool that shows a greater level of detail for each property located in Cook County. A property owner can visit the Assessor’s website, enter their PIN, or address, and obtain information such as the estimated market value, assessed value, and property characteristics. New noteworthy features include information pertaining to permits, divisions & consolidations, and the Homeowner Improvement Exemption.  

Another new feature is that recent market information can be reviewed and printed by accessing the "Neighborhood Sales" function. This function generates a list of real estate transactions within the neighborhood code of your property within the last 36 months. This information is useful for property owners that are considering filing an appeal or would like to understand the market value of properties in their neighborhood. 

Download a guide for tips on how to navigate the Assessor's Property Details. 

Download the guide here.

What is my neighborhood code?

For assessment purposes, Cook County is divided into 38 townships. Furthermore, properties within a township are grouped by a "neighborhood code". Property owners can find their property's township and neighborhood code by looking at their Reassessment Notice or by checking the property details

Why is it important to understand the current real estate market within my neighborhood code? 

Assessments, under Illinois law, should fairly reflect market values. The Assessor’s Office estimates market values by using a mass appraisal model that analyzes sales trends. If a property owner believes their property is worth less than the Assessor’s Office’s estimate of its value, the owner is entitled to file an appeal. Appeals can be filed once a year during a specific timeframe which can be found on the Assessment and Appeals Calendar.

What is the difference between market value and assessed value? 

The estimated market value is what the Assessor’s Office believes a property is worth in the current real estate market. The assessed value is the amount used to calculate your property taxes. For residential property, this is usually 10% of the estimated market value. For commercial property, this is typically 25% of the estimated market value.

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Watch a live tutorial

Watch this tutorial video to learn more about the enhanced property details that can be accessed by property owners.