Thornton 2020

Reassessment notices for properties in Thornton were mailed to property owners on August 21, 2020. The property values on these notices have been adjusted, when appropriate, with a COVID-19 Adjustment based on our Office's estimates of economic effects of COVID-19.

Note: Due to a processing error, some single-family home parcels did not receive the COVID Adjustment calculated for homes in their neighborhood. The Assessor’s Office will correct this processing error automatically. Affected taxpayers do not need to take any action. Read more here (Español).

For more details, read the full reports below.

Thornton 2020

Residential Report:

Property type Property count Median 2019 Sale Price Median COVID Adjustment Median 2020 CCAO Estimated Fair Market Value Median change in 2017-2020 CCAO Estimated Fair Market Value
Single-family homes 50,206 $95,000 -10.1% $86,440 6%
Condos (class 2-99) 3,191 $41,000 -10.1% $43,240 -7%
Apartments of 2-6 units 3,112 $124,000 -12.8% $135,080 -1%


Read the full 2020 Thornton Residential Reassessment Report for more real estate data, COVID-19 adjustments, and reassessment data for each neighborhood.

Interactive Map:

Thornton map

Find your neighborhood, and data about single-family homes in Thornton, on the interactive map.

  • number of homes and most common type of single-family homes in each neighborhood
  • sale data for each neighborhood
  • assessment data for each neighborhood
  • note: to see COVID-19 Adjustments for each neighborhood, please read the full Thornton report.
    • For more details on how COVID-19 Adjustments were calculated, see our report.

Commercial Report:

  • 534 apartment buildings
  • 355 office buildings
  • 2110 commercial/retail buildings
  • 681 industrial buildings

Read the full 2020 Thornton Commercial Reassessment Report for more real estate and assessment data about initial estimates of commercial property values. Note that the CCAO is in the process of developing COVID-19 Adjustments to property values. 


If you are looking to file an appeal of your property's assessment, we encourage you to file online. The appeal deadline for Thornton is September 25, 2020.

For assistance, you can contact the CCAO's main office, or the office of Thornton Township Assessor Holbert.

Watch a Virtual Seminar

The Assessor's Office staff hosts virtual events to provide information and answer your questions about reassessments and appeals. The video below is an informational seminar that covers the appeal process and the Residential Report for Thornton Township featuring Cook County Assessor Kaegi and Thorton Township Assessor Holbert.

South Suburban Town Hall: Property Tax Assessments & Appeals

Join Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi and Thornton Township Assessor Cassandra Holbert for a Town Hall meeting on property assessments.

Posted by Cook County Assessor's Office on Wednesday, September 9, 2020