The Cook County Assessor's Office created the Real Property Income & Expense (RPIE) online  platform so that owners of commercial properties can submit building characteristics, income, expense, and vacancy data to contribute to fair and accurate valuation of commercial properties.

By completing an RPIE filing, you'll help our analysts accurately assess the property values of your property and other similar properties. 

An RPIE statement is not an appeal. Although an RPIE statement is required as a supplemental document in support of an appeal for income-producing properties in 2021, filing can be submitted even if you are not filing an appeal. Information submitted helps us accurately capture the real estate market conditions for all properties in a region. 


How to file:

Step 1: Retrieve PIN ⟷ RPIE filing code(s).

In the interest of security, we have generated a secure RPIE filing code specific to each PIN for each  year. For each PIN in your filing, you must supply its matching filing code. If you don't know your PIN's RPIE code, the CCAO provides multiple ways to retrieve it.

Step 2: File.

File an RPIE Online

The RPIE online platform adapts the filing based on your responses. You can complete a filing for multiple PINs at once, and, if your RPIE is in support of an appeal, save the submitted filing as a pdf and attach it with your appeal.

We are here to assist you.

For any questions about the RPIE Online platform, you can find FAQs and our email support line here, and email us to schedule virtual assistance with an RPIE specialist. If you have questions, are experiencing technical issues, or are unable to use the RPIE Online platform, our RPIE support team will assist you.


RPIE One-Pager

RPIE filing guide

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RPIE filing guide