Accurate property values depend on accurate data. Our data sources for valuation of commercial/industrial properties often do not capture the full range of income, expense, and vacancy data applicable to different business types and neighborhoods. 

The Cook County Assessor's Office created the Real Property Income & Expense (RPIE) online tool to gather up-to-date information that will contribute to fair and accurate valuation of commercial properties.

By completing an RPIE filing, you'll help our analysts accurately assess the property values of your property and other similar businesses in your neighborhood. 


Step 1: Determine whether you can file online.

You can use the online tool if: 

  • the income from this property was reported to the IRS on a Schedule E or Form 8825,
  • the lessee of this property was party to a net or triple net lease, and therefore is responsible for the property's real estate taxes 

If you can use the online tool, please have your IRS or lease document ready.

If the online tool does not support your situation, we have made PDF forms available (form, instructions). 

Step 2: If filing online, ways to retrieve your PIN <--> RPIE filing code.

In the interest of filing security, we have generated a secure RPIE filing code, specific to each PIN. For each PIN in your filing, you must supply its matching filing code. 

  • If your property's location is in one of the south suburbs of Cook County, in February 2020 you may have received a letter in the mail (or letters, for mulitple PINs) with information like this:
    RPIE example of PIN and RPIE code combo
    The RPIE code has letters and numbers. All letters in the RPIE code are all capital letters. If you are experiencing issues with your PIN<-->RPIE code not matching, this may occur because the font on the printed letter makes it difficult to distinguish the letter "o" from the number "0" (zero), and capital "i" from the number "1", so please try both.
  • If you have not received or have lost this mailing, please email rpiesupport@cookcountyassessor.com

Step 3: File.

File an RPIE Online


Filing can be submitted even if you are not filing an appeal. Information submitted helps us accurately capture the real estate market conditions for all properties in a region. Note that an RPIE statement (either online or pdf) is required for an appeal when the subject of an appeal is an income-producing property, in whole or in part, per Rule 20


RPIE One-Pager

RPIE filing guide

Read the RPIE Filing Guide

RPIE filing guide