File an Appeal Online


Check to see if your township is "open for appeals"
An appeal can only be filed during certain timeframes. Check to see if your township is open for appeals. Starting a file before your township is open may result in a deleted file.


Have an email address ready
An email address is required to create an account. A Filing ID and Docket Number will be created and emailed to you for your filing record.


Begin your application
You can save a draft, which allows you to return, modify, and upload attachments before submitting your application. 


Submit by the deadline date
Please only submit one application by the deadline date. 


Await results by mail
You will receive an initial email confirming your submission and a second email containing your appeal docket number used to reference your appeal. The results of your application will be sent by mail. 

To begin an appeal application, click on the filing type below.


All single-family homes, townhomes, multi-family residential buildings, and mixed-use properties with no more than six units (class 2). 
A new tool allows users to find and use comparable properties within this online application. 


For condominium parcels.


Commercial and industrial (class 5), apartment buildings with 7 or more units (class 3), and Not-for-Profit (class 4) properties.

File an RPIE Form

A Real Property Income & Expense (RPIE) form is required when filing an appeal for an income-producing property.
The RPIE form is a tool developed for owners of income-producing properties to report income, expense, and vacancy information about their buildings. 

Other Filing Types

Vacant Land

All vacant and unimproved real estate (class 1).

Incentive Property

To file an incentive appeal, an incentive eligibility application must be on file and deemed eligible.

Omitted Property

An omitted assessment can be issued up to three years before the current assessment year.
This is commonly referred to as "charging a back tax" to a property omitted from the assessment roll. 

Attach Additional Documents

Filers can attach additional documents for an application that has been "submitted" if the township is still open for appeal. 

 Correct Property Characteristics

This filing allows a residential property owner to fix the "Property Characteristics" that are on file with the Assessor's Office. This can be done year-round and is not an appeal filing. 

These filings are only for municipalities and townships 


For municipalities & townships only


Only for the City of Chicago

Watch a video that provides an overview of how to file an online appeal application.

Resources to help guide you through the appeal process

Online appeal FAQs  How to Find Comparable Properties

Read an Overview

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