Update of SB 1379

Thursday, May 30, 2019

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The Cook County Assessor’s Office was informed by House leadership that SB 1379, the Data Modernization Bill, would not move out of the Rules Committee for a vote during the current legislative session.

In response, Assessor Fritz Kaegi released the following statement:

Days spent crafting a property tax reform bill: 272

“Yes” votes in the Senate: 36

Co-sponsors in the House: 39

Number of Cook County’s southern suburbs waiting for more accurate assessments: 80+

Number of jurisdictions in the U.S. with a similar method of data collection: 17

Business leaders, school districts, organized labor groups, community organizations and elected officials throughout Cook County and Illinois who publicly support the bill: 73

Hours of meetings with those who oppose the bill: Limitless

Reasons why Illinois and Cook County don’t deserve a fair, equitable and transparent assessment system: 0

SB 1379 remains the best, first legislative step toward reform of the property tax system. We’ll be back next session to get it passed.


 - Fritz Kaegi, Assessor

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