New, Easier-to-use Applications for Property Tax Savings are Now Available

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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Everything Homeowners Need to Know

Cook County- Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi announces property-tax-saving exemptions for the 2021 tax year are now available online in a new, streamlined application.

Exemptions are savings that contribute to lowering a homeowner’s property tax bill. The most common is the Homeowner Exemption, which saves a Cook County property owner an average of $973 dollars each year. 

Before existing and new homeowners apply, there are a few things to know that will save them time and effort.

First, existing homeowners should determine which exemptions they received last year (tax year 2020) and determine if they will automatically renew this year (tax year 2021). The Assessor’s Office will continue the automatic renewal of the Homeowner, Senior, Senior Freeze, Veterans with Disabilities, and Persons with Disabilities Exemptions. Homeowners can check their exemptions by visiting the Cook County Portal and reviewing the Exemption History section. 

Exemption ApplicationAdditionally, postcards and letters will be mailed to households confirming the automatic renewal of exemption(s) and notifying them that no action is needed. 

Next, new homeowners, first-time applicants, or those that need to reapply can now do so online using a new form that consolidates the five most common exemptions into a single application. This allows homeowners to simply select the exemptions they want to apply for, only having to submit required documents once. To apply online visit,

Homeowners are strongly encouraged to apply online. Not only will they save trees, but they will also have a digital record that allows Assessor staff to provide a status update. 
Lastly, as a reminder, exemptions are reflected on the second installment tax bill, which will be received later this year. 

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