How is the property tax base in your community changing?

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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A new digital tool released that demonstrates changes in tax bases that affect this year’s tax bills – plus the top 5 highest-value properties

COOK COUNTY - The Cook County Assessor’s Office (Assessor's Office) recently created a data dashboard that allows the public to view the final assessed value changes for Tax Year 2020, which will reflect on this year’s second installment tax bills.

“I’ve promised more transparency into all aspects of the property tax system, not just our office,” said Assessor Fritz Kaegi. “With tax rates and tax bills coming soon, this information provides important insight into the balance between residential and commercial properties.”

The dashboard shows each township's changes in assessed value in stages. The first stage includes the completed assessment adjustments following reassessments and appeals by the Assessor's Office, and then at the final stage, after the Board of Review makes adjustments based on appeals filed at their office.

It provides a clear view of how the tax burden is split between residential and commercial property owners. The dashboard can be viewed here:

Data Dashboard

The dashboard demonstrates:

  • Where the Assessor’s Office set values, by township, for 2020
  • Where the Board of Review set values, by township, for 2020
  • The top 5 largest parcels in each township
  • Changes by property class

This dashboard is most useful in tracking changes in the south and west suburbs, which were reassessed in 2020. It also demonstrates data for the north suburbs and Chicago. The data is downloadable and can be viewed one township at a time or with multiple townships and regions combined in a single graph or table.