Lemont 2020

Reassessment notices for properties in Lemont were mailed to property owners on May 27, 2020. The property values on this notice have been adjusted, when appropriate, with a COVID-19 Adjustment based on our Office's estimates of economic effects of COVID-19.

For more details, read the full reports below.

Lemont 2020

Residential Report:

Property type Property count Median 2019 Sale Value Median COVID Adjustment Median 2020 CCAO Estimated Fair Market Value Median change in 2017-2020 CCAO Estimated Fair Market Value
Single-family homes 7,447 $385,000 -10.8% $373,365 -1.3%
Condos (class 2-99) 232 $236,450 -10.8% $146,110 -17%
Apartments of 2-6 units 142 $236,900 -13.3% $266,230 3%


Read the full 2020 Lemont Residential Reassessment Report for more real estate data, COVID-19 adjustments, and reassessment data for each neighborhood.


Interactive Map:

Lemont map

Find your neighborhood, and data about single-family homes in Lemont:

  • number of homes and most common type of single-family homes in each neighborhood
  • sale data for each neighborhood
  • assessment data for each neighborhood
  • note: to see COVID-19 Adjustments for each neighborhood, please read the full Lemont report.
    • For more details on how COVID-19 Adjustments were calculated, see our report.

View the interactive neighborhood map here. It contains data about sales and initial estimates of property values.

Commercial Report:

  • 41 apartment buildings (larger than 6 units)
  • 62 office buildings
  • 183 commercial/retail buildings
  • 43 industrial buildings

The Lemont Commercial Properties reassessment report contains details about the COVID-adjusted cap rates used to produce CCAO estimates of Fair Market Values.

Total Assessed Value Changes

Initial property assessments are determined by the Assessor's Office after the office has heard all assessment appeals. Property owners can also file an appeal with the Cook County Board of Review before final assessed values are set.

The following report details the effects of appeals at the Board of Review on the assessed value of Lemont Township as well as the largest parcels in this township.

Lemont 2020 Total Assessed Value Report

For a complete dashboard of 2020 total assessed values for each township, read the Township Assessed Value Report: Tax Year 2020.