Cook County Assessor's Office 100 Day Initiatives and Objectives

Track our progress: Assessor Kaegi published a report on the office’s first 100 Days here.

  1. Ensure seamless continuity of service to the public
    • Complete all work related to the Chicago Triad
    • Deliver on-time 2019 assessment of North Triad
    • Work with other property tax offices to set 2019 assessment calendar and 2018 property tax bill timeline
  2. Develop CCAO's strategic plan
    • Define new CCAO mission, vision and values
    • Finalize one-year operating plan and budget
    • Initiate three-year strategic plan and development including strategies, objectives and initiatives
    • Implement International Association of Assessing Officers audit
    • Conduct external market research to better understand our constituencies' needs
    • Conduct internal CCAO focus groups and surveys to better understand our employees' needs and aspirations
    • Implement CCAO listening tour of Cook County by Assessor Kaegi
  3. Reorganize CCAO to improve efficiency, quality of service, and ability to retain and attract talent
    • Implement Day One leadership structure
    • Complete leadership training for staff
    • Create and adopt an ethics code for all CCAO employees
    • Develop new professional standards based on comprehensive review of CCAO practices
    • Define and schedule International Association of Assessing Officers certification classes
    • Develop a new organization structure and processes to support the new strategy
  4. Improve CCAO's assessment methodologies, workflow, and processes
    • Perform commercial/industrial sales ratio studies
    • Support the passage of a data modernization law in Springfield
    • Define next-generation residential data framework
    • Define approach to improve data collection and end-to-end quality assurance process
    • Define initial set of best-practice standards to improve hand review (data verification) process
  5. Update CCAO's information technology infrastructure
    • Update and redesign the CCAO website
    • Define plan to modernize legacy technology systems
    • Pilot tablet-based, productivity and accuracy-enhancing data collection process
    • Continue Tyler Technologies project development and implementation
    • Conduct system and data security audit
  6. Overhaul CCAO's approach to communications, outreach, and transparency
    • Publish 100 Day progress report / scorecard
    • Publish framework for assessment of North Triad and rules for appeal process
    • Publish the sales ratios, at least annually
    • Identify community outreach initiatives and partners
    • Make historical assessment data available online
    • Develop content and engagement strategies based on key audience segments