Data Dashboard: Municipalities

This Data Dashboard allows the public to view assessed values for Cook County townships at each stage of the assessment process. The dashboard demonstrates changes in total assessed values at each stage of the assessment process since last year. In the first stage, the Assessor’s Office sets values and processes appeals. In the second and final stage, the Board of Review adjusts those values based on appeals filed in their office. It provides a clear view of how the tax burden is split between residential and commercial property owners and the effects of appeals. 

The dashboard can be filtered by the triennial assessment cycle, which divides Cook County into three sections: the north suburbs, the south and west suburbs, and the city of Chicago. The dashboard can then be further sorted by municipality and tax year. 

Residential property (color-coded as blue) includes Class 2 property. Non-residential property (color-coded as yellow) includes all other classes of property. 

For more information about property classes, see the “Appendix” tab in the dashboard below or this page.