Data Dashboard: Municipalities

The Assessor's Office created data dashboards that allow the public to view assessed values at each stage for tax years 2022, 2021, and 2020. The dashboards can be filtered by a municipality located in Cook County. 

The dashboards demonstrate changes in total assessed values at each stage of the assessment process. In the first stage, the Assessor’s Office sets values and processes appeals. In the second and final stage, the Board of Review adjusts those values based on appeals filed in their office. It shows how reassessments and appeals affect the split of the tax burden between residential and commercial property owners 

Filter by municipality and tax year to view the following: 

  • How reassessments and appeals affected the property tax base in each municipality. 
  • The top five properties with the highest assessed value in each municipality. 
  • Total assessed value data 

Tax Years: 2022 & 2021

Tax Year 2020

Launch the Municipal Tax Base dashboard in a new tab

Note that this data is from properties contained within Cook County. Some municipalities may additionally contain properties outside of Cook County.