Chicago’s 2021 Property Tax Reassessment

How to use the Chicago Reassessment Dashboard

With the Assessor’s 2018-2021 Chicago Reassessment Dashboard, users can view the assessment report for the City, see assessment changes and the top 5 highest-dollar properties in every neighborhood, and compare assessments between neighborhoods and property types. 

This dashboard demonstrates where property assessments have risen (or fallen) in every Chicago neighborhood following the city’s 2021 reassessment. 

The Assessor's Office encourages users to utilize the Dashboard to understand and analyze reassessments in Chicago. 


The final numbers from the Cook County Assessor’s office set the total assessed value of the City of Chicago for 2021 at $47.02 billion. A total of 882,207 properties were part of this Chicago reassessment. In 2018, the assessed value of Chicago was $35.87 billion across 881,631 parcels. 

Through its reassessment, the Assessor’s Office determined the total assessed value of Chicago grew by 31% since 2018, the last year Chicago was reassessed. Increases in the total assessed value of an area reflect new construction and increases in property values over three years. Assessed value increases do not mean property taxes on the median tax bill will increase; increases in the total assessed value of an area often lead to lower tax rates.

Based on calculations by the Assessor Kaegi and the valuations staff of the office, the total assessed value for residential property grew 10% from 2018 to 2021 while the total assessed value for non-residential property grew by 56%.