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Frequently Asked Questions
Who should download this form?
Class 2 properties include single family homes, town homes, condominiums, cooperatives, multifamily residential buildings and mixed-use properties (residential and commercial) with no more than six units. (Separate instructions are available for condominiums and cooperatives.) Many factors contribute in determining the value of your property. The main consideration in estimating value, however, is what similar properties sold for in your neighborhood since the last reassessment. The Assessor’s Office strives for fair and equitable assessments and encourages you to file an appeal if you feel your assessment is incorrect.
When can I file an appeal?
You will receive a "Notice of Proposed Assessed Valuation" in the mail when the Assessor’s Office reassesses your home every three years. This notice includes our estimate of your proposed property assessed value. The notice also includes a list of characteristics relevant to your home’s property value. You have approximately 30 calendar days to file an appeal with our office. The last date to file an appeal is printed on your reassessment notice. NOTE: Your appeal must be received by the Assessor’s Office on or prior to this date. Postmarks are acceptable. You can also appeal the assessed valuation in any year between reassessments. If your property is located in a township that is not being reassessed, please call our Taxpayer Information Department at 312-443-7550 to determine the filing period for your township.
How do I file an appeal?
You must use an official “Residential Assessed Valuation Appeal” form to file your appeal. Please submit a copy to us and keep another copy for your files. You do not need a lawyer, tax representative or appraiser to file an appeal on the assessed valuation of your home. However, if your valuation appeal is filed by an authorized representative, an “Owner/Lessee Verification Form” must be completed, notarized and filed along with the appeal form. Please note: If a field check is required of your property, it must be requested by the last date of the appeal filing period. Alternatively, you can file on this Web site by locating your property through our property search then by clicking the appeal link.
Where do I file an appeal?
You may file an appeal at our offices or contact us and request that an appeal form be mailed to you. Experienced personnel are available at our offices to assist you in filing your appeal. In suburban areas, you may also contact your local township assessor.
What are the reasons to file an appeal?
Uniformity Appeal If you are concerned that the assessed valuation of your home is not uniform with the assessed valuations of other homes, compare your property to those similar to yours. This comparison will tell you if you have reason to file an uniformity appeal. There are two ways to do this:
  1. Simply fill out the appeal form, indicating that the purpose of the appeal is "lack of uniformity". You do not need to research and find your own comparable properties in order to file an appeal with our office. Our analysts will check properties comparable to yours to determine if your assessed value is uniform with the assessed values of those properties.

  2. If you wish to review our information yourself and include your own list of comparable properties with your appeal, there are guidelines to follow. Comparables can be found on this Web site. For your convenience, we have added images of each property as well as other corresponding assessment data. You can also find residential assessments published in a local community newspaper a few days after you receive your notice. The name of the newspaper and date of publication are indicated on your notice. The assessment listing will also be available at your local library.

    When choosing comparables, select homes within your neighborhood code that closely resemble your own home in both size and style. If the Permanent Index Numbers (PINs) are not known, the Assessor’s staff will assist you in obtaining this information. PINs may also be searched on the Assessor’s interactive Web site. If the assessed values of the comparables you have chosen are lower than your property's assessed value, you may have reason to file an appeal. Write the PINs of your comparables on the appeal form that you file. Our analysts will use your information along with our office data to determine if the assessed value of your home is uniform with the assessed values of comparable properties.
Property Description Error Appeal Finally, if there is an error in the description of your property such as incorrect square footage of living area or an error that you believe may affect property value, you may wish to file an appeal. However, a minor characteristic error does not necessarily indicate an incorrect assessment. Please note: when filing an appeal based on incorrect square footage, it is recommended that you submit a plat of survey with your appeal.
What happens after I file an appeal?
When an appeal is filed in person, a receipt with an appeal number will be assigned. If the appeal is received by mail, a receipt letter with the appeal number will be returned by mail to the person filing the appeal. The Assessor’s Office will then analyze your appeal and notify you by letter of the results. To make sure you receive the best service possible, the Assessor has appointed a Taxpayer Advocate. The Advocate’s phone number is 312-603-7530. If you wish to further pursue the appeal of your assessment, you may also file an appeal with the Cook County Board of Review at 312-603-5542.
Additional Documentation
Additional Documentation
You must have already filed an incentives elgibility application and be deemed elgible in order to file an incentives appeal. Elgibility applications are available in the incentives section.

Relevant Forms for Appeals

Form Icon Attorney Code
(The Assessor’s Office will be using the Attorney Codes issued by the Board of Review. You may download the necessary Attorney Code Form from the Board of Review link)

Form Icon Non Attorney Assessor Code
(required when Non Attorney's applying for Assessor Attorney Code)

Form Icon Property Summary Sheet
(required for Industrial/Commercial Appeal)
Form Icon Owner/Lessee Verification Affidavit
(required for Industrial/Commercial Appeal)


Current year applications for the Disabled Persons', Disabled Veterans' and the Returning Veterans' Exemptions will be available in mid-April.

Properties that received the Homeowner Exemption last year, will automatically receive the exemption this year if residency does not change.

State legislators recently changed the law so that seniors have to apply annually for the Senior Citizen Exemption. The Senior Freeze, Disabled Persons', Disabled Veterans' and Returning Veterans' Exemptions must also be applied for annually.

All 2010 exemptions will appear as deductions on second-installment tax bills in 2011.
Please note: The deadline to file a model home application for the 2012 assessment year in all townships has expired.

Model Homes Forms & Information