Unique/Letter Properties Listing

The following is a list of unique "letter" properties for the tax assessment year 2015.
Please be advised you will also be receiving a pre-assessment information letter as the mailing date for each town approaches.
This list is subject to change.

Hyde ParkU.S. Steel7931 S Brandon Ave1-0021-32-100-012-0000
Jefferson4000 W. Division4000 W Diversey Ave5-9313-27-228-014-0000
Lake ViewWrigley View Rooftop1050 W Waveland Ave2-1214-20-218-042-0000
Lake ViewBeyond The Ivy1048 W Waveland Ave2-1214-20-218-043-0000
Lake ViewBrixen Ivy1044 W Waveland Ave2-1214-20-218-044-0000
Lake View1040 West Waveland1040 W Waveland Ave2-1114-20-218-045-0000
Lake ViewBeyond The Ivy1038 W Waveland Ave2-1214-20-218-046-0000
Lake ViewWrigleyville Rooftops1032 W Waveland Ave3-1814-20-218-048-0000
Lake View3701 North Kenmore3701 N Kenmore Ave2-1214-20-219-026-0000
Lake ViewBeyond The Ivy3700 N Sheffield Ave3-1814-20-219-038-0000
Lake ViewTriangle Property 3659 N Clark St1-0014-20-226-001-0000
Lake ViewWrigley Parking3650 N Seminary Ave5-9014-20-226-008-0000
Lake ViewWrigley Field1060 W Addison Ave5-9714-20-227-001-0000
Lake ViewMurphy's Bleachers3653 N Sheffield Ave5-1714-20-228-001-0000
Lake View3651 North Shefield3651 N Sheffield Ave2-1114-20-228-002-0000
Lake View3649 North Sheffield3649 N Sheffield Ave2-1214-20-228-003-0000
Lake ViewWrigleyville Rooftops3643 N Sheffield Ave2-1214-20-228-004-0000
Lake View3639 Wrigley Rooftop3639 N Sheffield Ave2-1214-20-228-005-0000
Lake ViewWrigley Rooftops/Ivy League Baseball Club3637 N Sheffield Ave2-1214-20-228-006-0000
Lake ViewLakeview Baseball Club3633 N Sheffield Ave5-9214-20-228-007-0000
Lake View3631 N. Sheffield3631 N Sheffield Ave2-1214-20-228-008-0000
Lake ViewDown The Line Rooftop3621 N Sheffield Ave3-1814-20-228-010-0000
Lake ViewWrigley Rooftops3619 N Sheffield Ave2-1214-20-228-011-0000
Lake ViewSports Corner954 W Addison St5-9214-20-228-035-0000
Lake ViewSkybox on Sheffield3627 N Sheffield Ave5-9914-20-228-040-1001
Lake View3609 North Sheffield3609 N Sheffield Ave5-9214-20-228-042-0000
Lake View424 W. Saint James Place2520 N Lakeview Ave2-0914-28-319-078-0000
MaineRivers Casino3170 Des Plaines River Rd5-9709-34-300-045-0000
North ChicagoPublic Chicago1301 N State St5-2917-03-106-008-0000
North ChicagoChestnut Place868 N State St3-9117-03-216-019-0000
North ChicagoHancock(Retail)875 N. Michigan5-9717-03-220-021-0000
North ChicagoHancock(Broadcast)875 N. Michigan5-9717-03-220-022-0000
North ChicagoHancock(Restaurant)875 N. Michigan5-9717-03-220-023-0000
North ChicagoHancock(Observatory)875 N. Michigan5-9717-03-220-024-0000
North ChicagoHancock(Office/Parking)875 N. Michigan5-9717-03-220-025-0000
North ChicagoSeneca Apartments200 E Chestnut St3-9717-03-221-005-0000
North ChicagoRaffaello Hotel201 E Delaware Pl5-9917-03-221-012-1001
North ChicagoWater Tower845 N Michigan Ave5-9117-03-226-030-0000
North Chicago600 W. Chicago600 W Chicago Ave5-9117-04-300-017-0000
North ChicagoParc Huron452 W Erie St3-9117-09-123-011-0000
North ChicagoFlair Tower230 W Erie St3-9117-09-216-003-0000
North ChicagoGodfrey Hotel127 W Huron St5-2917-09-218-018-0000
North Chicago120 W. Hubbard120 W Hubbard St5-9117-09-253-009-0000
North ChicagoMerchandise Mart222 Merchandise Mart Plz5-9117-09-403-001-0000
North Chicago300 N. LaSalle325 N Wells St5-9117-09-405-004-0000
North Chicago353 N. Clark0 N Dearborn St5-9717-09-408-012-0000
North ChicagoHotel Chicago333 N Dearborn St5-9217-09-410-019-0000
North ChicagoNiketown669 N Michigan Ave5-9117-10-110-004-0000
North ChicagoHomewood Suites0 E Ohio St5-2917-10-120-038-0000
North ChicagoRoom & Board0 E Ohio St5-9717-10-120-046-0000
North ChicagoThe Shops at North Bridge501 N Rush St5-9717-10-124-034-0000
North ChicagoTribune Tower445 N Michigan Ave5-9117-10-130-001-0000
North ChicagoWrigley Building422 N Michigan Ave7-9117-10-133-003-0000
North ChicagoTrump Hotel401 N Wabash Ave5-9717-10-135-040-0000
North ChicagoOptima Center200 E Illinois St3-9117-10-212-036-0000
North ChicagoLoews Hotel455 N Park Dr5-2917-10-219-021-0000
South ChicagoOneEleven Tower111 W Wacker Dr3-9117-09-419-002-0000
South ChicagoUnited Building73 W Wacker Dr5-9117-09-421-006-0000
South ChicagoLeo Burnett 35 W Wacker Dr5-2217-09-426-030-0000
South Chicago191 N. Wacker325 W Lake St5-9017-09-428-012-0000
South Chicago155 N. Wacker155 N Wacker Dr5-9117-09-429-018-0000
South Chicago101 N. Wacker101 N Wacker Dr5-9117-09-442-001-0000
South ChicagoBlock 37 Retail108 N State St5-3117-09-451-024-0000
South ChicagoBlock 37 Office108 N State St5-9717-09-451-039-0000
South ChicagoHyatt Place28 N. Franklin5-2917-09-453-012-0000
South ChicagoUBS1 N Wacker Dr5-9117-09-454-001-0000
South ChicagoBurnham Center111 W Washington St5-9117-09-459-002-0000
South ChicagoThree First National70 W Madison St5-9117-09-462-015-0000
South ChicagoHilton Garden66 E. Wacker5-2917-10-300-015-0000
South Chicago233 N. Michigan233 N Michigan Ave5-9117-10-301-013-0000
South ChicagoVirgin Hotel203 N Wabash Ave5-9117-10-303-007-0000
South ChicagoOne Prudential Plaza130 E Randolph St5-9117-10-313-003-0000
South ChicagoAon Center200 E Randolph St5-9117-10-316-027-0000
South ChicagoBlue Cross Blue Shield300 E. Randolph5-9117-10-318-035-0000
South ChicagoAqua Hotel225 N Columbus Dr5-2917-10-318-068-0000
South ChicagoSullivan Center1 S State St5-9117-15-100-001-0000
South ChicagoChicago Athletic Association Hotel12 S. Michigan5-2917-15-101-008-0000
South Chicago55 E. Monroe55 E. Monroe5-9717-15-103-022-0000
South Chicago735 S. State735 S. State3-9117-15-302-006-0000
South ChicagoCME Center30 S Wacker Dr5-9117-16-200-022-0000
South ChicagoOne South Wacker1 S Wacker Dr5-9117-16-201-001-0000
South ChicagoHyatt Center25 S Wacker Dr5-9117-16-201-008-0000
South ChicagoHyatt Center Cochon Volant100 W. Monroe5-2917-16-204-022-0000
South ChicagoResidence Inn by Marriott11 S. LaSalle5-2917-16-204-037-0000
South ChicagoChase10 S Dearborn St5-9117-16-205-016-0000
South ChicagoOne South Dearborn1 S Dearborn St5-9117-16-206-007-0000
South Chicago111 S. Wacker111 SW Wacker Dr5-9117-16-208-001-0000
South ChicagoATT 1227 W Monroe St5-9117-16-209-012-0000
South Chicago55 W. Monroe55 W Monroe St5-9117-16-212-009-0000
South ChicagoCPS Building(Former)61 W Adams St5-9117-16-212-018-0000
South ChicagoCitadel Center131 S Dearborn St5-9717-16-213-023-0000
South ChicagoWillis Tower233 S Wacker Dr5-9117-16-216-009-0000
South ChicagoJW Marriott208 S La Salle St7-2917-16-220-003-0000
South Chicago208 S. LaSalle208 S. LaSalle7-9117-16-220-009-0000
South Chicago311 S. Wacker320 S Franklin St5-9117-16-227-027-0000
South Chicago175 W. Jackson175 W Jackson Blvd5-9117-16-229-001-0000
South ChicagoCBOT141 W Jackson Blvd7-9117-16-230-003-0000
South ChicagoOne Financial Place400 S Sherman St5-1717-16-241-025-0000
South ChicagoBurnham Point Apartments730 S. Clark3-9117-16-404-023-0000
South ChicagoAMLI 900900 S. Clark3-9117-16-411-015-0000
South ChicagoAMLI Lofts850 S. Clark3-9117-16-411-020-0000
South ChicagoThe Lofts at Roosevelt Collection150 W. Roosevelt3-9117-16-416-014-0000
South ChicagoLakside Techonology Center350 E Cermak Rd5-9117-22-322-003-0000
South Chicago253 W. Cermak253 W. Cermak5-2917-28-202-038-0000
South Chicago3440 S. Dearborn3440 S Dearborn St5-9217-33-223-043-0000
West ChicagoFrench Market148 N Canal St5-9717-09-324-010-0000
West ChicagoABN Amro565 W Washington Blvd5-9017-09-341-001-0000
West ChicagoCitigroup Center500 W Madison St5-9117-09-342-002-0000
West ChicagoPresidential Towers631 W Madison St5-9717-16-101-022-0000
West Chicago500 W. Monroe500 W Monroe St5-9117-16-103-015-0000
West Chicago550 W. Adams550 W Adams St5-9117-16-107-021-0000
West Chicago525 W. Monroe525 W Monroe St5-9117-16-108-030-0000
West ChicagoUnited Center1901 W Madison St5-9717-18-201-035-0000