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We have added the “captcha” (scrambled letter) function to our website in order to authenticate human users. This will add a step to each PIN and appeal search similar to that which appears when one wants to obtain tax bill information from the Treasurer and file on-line with the Board of Review. Please be advised that these recent changes became necessary after a robotic attempt to infiltrate our data made the website nearly inoperable.

Although this added step may present an inconvenience, it will:

  • Safeguard the integrity of our data
  • Protect your access and ability to rely upon our data
  • Permit access to necessary forms in a timely manner
  • Eliminate impediments to performing searches
  • Ensure that those who contracted for our subscription service receive the benefit of that service
  • Guarantee that unauthorized users will not improperly obtain office data for commercial purposes
  • Reflect best practices employed by many governmental agencies and private ventures which value the security of their data
  • Mirror protections already in place within other agencies of Cook County involving the property tax system such as the Treasurer and the Board of Review
  • Return processing back to a few seconds from a full five minutes at the height of the problem